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REVOLVER V2 380 2000KV

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Revolver 380 2000KV - Sensorless

Made for Associated CR12 and ECX Barrage 1/12 vehicles, custom scale rigs that need minimal motor size, and competition WRCCA ,SORRCA, LCG and "cheater rigs".   
Easily fits in most 1/18 to 1/10th scale RC Rock Crawlers. 
Designed with universal 280, 380, and 540 mounting patterns
Magnetics and housing designed by Holmes Hobbies for smooth startup and high torque with minimum weight and size.
Recommended ESC: Mamba Micro X, Sidewinder 2 micro, Crawlmaster Mini

  • 14 pole 12 slot
  • Heavy back iron for higher drag brake and torque
  • 135mm wires and 4mm bullet plugs
  • 3.175mm shaft for pinion (17mm protruding)
  • 39mm length from mounting face to the end of the can, 30mm mounting face diameter
  • "540 standard" m3 mounting bolt on 25mm circle,
  • "280 and 380 standard" m2.5 mounting bolt on 16, 14mm circles