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Introducing the LGRP™ Micro Hand Drill Kit, a versatile set designed for customizing your RC Vehicle. This comprehensive kit includes 1 pin vise hand drill, 46 micro twist drill bits, and 10 mini drill bits, providing a total of 57 essential pieces for all your Micro modification projects.

This pin vise hand drill set offered by Little Guy Racing Parts™ features a durable aluminum alloy construction, a 3-claw chuck, and an adjustable clamp with a range of 0.3 - 3.4 mm, ensuring a firm grip and easy operation. The PCB mini drill bits, made of tungsten carbide, are ideal for drilling various materials such as PCB boards, plastics, molds, and carbon fiber. The micro twist drill bits are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for handling materials like plastic, wood, rubber, and more.

With its practical and portable design, this manual hand drill set can be easily carried in a toolbox, providing convenience for any project on the go.

What's Included:

(1) vise hand drill

(46) Micro-twist drill bits

(10) mini drill bits