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1:18 Mogrich

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High ground clearance

The 40mm ground clearance gives Mogrich excellent off-road qualities, enabling it to negotiate muddy and rocky terrains with ease. It also gives the truck a unique and eccentric appearance.

Multi-purpose tires

New to the market, Mogrich’s tires have coarse and solid tread patterns, giving it tremendous grip on rocks, mud and sand.

Four-link suspension with front and rear travel

The bouncy four-link suspension, combined with the high ground clearance nicely cushions those hard landings off bricks and steep edges.


A Big Personality

Mogrich stands out not only for its performance, but also its bouyant personality. With its lights and mirror set up, and the cheerful pea-green paint job, it will no doubt put a big smile on your face.

  • Widened mirrors and waders.
  • Two orange warning lights on the roof.
  • Working headlights and indicators.
  • Openable hood for convenient battery replacement.
  • Beautiful interior with leather seats visible through the windows.
  • Rear cargo compartment that opens on all three sides for loading convenience.
  • Pea-green paint job.
  • The actual cargo floor and three sides of the door panels are made of wood, and a fine pattern is carefully carved into the model to simulate the texture of wood.